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06-05-2012, 07:46 AM
Originally Posted by sonicshower
i use it all the time ive only gotten that high like once fully buffed. Normally fully buffed on the last hit its around 35-50k, if that
Are you stacking/skilled in partical generators I hear that helps.

Its electric damage, its not resisted (though it does get reduced some, but nothing like kinetic or a standard energy type).
Its easy to buff to all heck.

Some good uses I've seen of Iso Charge include firing it into a friendly GW, it will likely get its first few bounces off pets and such before its big hit of doom.
If someone is dumb enough to launch/use a boarding party, just Iso Charge the lead shuttle and watch the guy who launched them get pwnt by the hand of zeus.
Drop it in the "fedball" and enjoy, realistically I think this is actually its intended use, punishing the fedball.

Mostly all they should really do is change the damage type to something resistable in a more realistic fashion.
Theres no reason to have a power ingame that can literally one shot a person, it just shouldn't exist.
"but it doesn't happen often" IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN AT ALL.

Also technically the Iso Charge can jump outside of weapon range. Meaning you drop it on an enemy at about 9k away, it justs to another enemy about 13-14k away from you, and it can continue to jump farther and farther away. Getting randomly hit by the final hit of Iso Charge when you are literally 20k+ away from the person who used it is pretty darn dumb.