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06-05-2012, 08:00 AM
Originally Posted by catliketyping
the covenant cat carrier already has great variety in pets. I wish the vo'quv had Danube pets for stfs.

if you want the cat carrier to copy everything from the kdf, expect to pay a bunch of c for anything new... maybe as much as the cost of the cat carrier.
Its not copying stuff from the KDF, its asking to be put on the same level.

You don't need run abouts you have orion interceptors which are in the same general usage. They disable weapons/engines, are launched in thress, and the advanced version has chrons. This means they are great for people wanting to stop a sphere or prob in place just like the runabouts do.

Whats being asked for is a federation frigate. Its not asking for a "federation bop" or a "federation firjai". We are talking about adapting a ship to fit a void the Atrox has, which is that it lacks a frigate (which is a pet type unique to "big" carriers on the kdf, while there FDC's only get fighters and such). Seeing as the Atrox is a "big" carrier and "big" carriers get frigates, wheres the Atroxs frigate?