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# 1 Average DPS - STF Related
06-05-2012, 08:26 AM
Concerning STF's:

Overall, I've done about 70-80 Cure/Infected Space STF's on normal difficulty. As I have progressed, I have upgraded all of my weapons to Mk XI [Borg] and a 2 pc Borg/2 pc KHG Mk X set.

I've recently started parsing during the sessions to get an idea of where I sit DPS-wise. On moderate length fights, I am pushing 4-5k DPS on a good run, and just around 3k when I do stupid things or am slow to react.

With all the gently carressing love I have read about noobs getting into E-STF's unprepared and the great experiences the vets have had dealing with said noobs, I don't want to be "that guy" and gently carress an Optional.

I'm pretty sure my gear is good to go and my skill tree is pretty much fine tuned for what I do. I fly a BoP and use hit & run tactics, cloaking at every opportunity. I try to never stay in a fight any longer than I have to based on the cloak CD, and whether or not I have a good shot lined up with a torp spread on a down shield.

But... I could be flying it wrong and missing out on potential +dps. I'll know if I am flying it jacked up based on how others may respond in this thread dps-wise.

There's nothing really to compare it to aside from the other guys doing the N-STF's and since they are doing normals too, it really isn't a great comparison for determining whether or not I could be a viable partner in an Elite version dps-wise.

Am I pushing at least the bare minimum DPS you would recommend to attend an E-STF (space)?