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06-05-2012, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
Anyone who thinks a BoP is OP, should try one out. Fit it out do do massive damage (though not as massive as a escort, due to only 3 tac consoles) and go PvPing. join the only true test of strenght (arena) and hope to get some good opponents... if you do... you will not call the BoP OP again, unless some healer attaches himself to you that is.

If you do have healer backup, you can stay in the fight and do almost as well as an escort. If you don't, you'll be forced to do hit and run fighting... leaving your team short-handed half of the match, and being killed when trying to run a few times too.

Running a successful BoP reuires a lot of skill! Here is something to think about:

- Selecting your target
- Avoiding anything that can break your cloak. Distance, pets etc.
- Timing your attack, buffing up and decloaking.
- Using and saving your buffs right. You don't want to burn it all, and be left impotent for minutes while the CD wears off.
- Avoiding attention (yes, if you fly it right, people are less likely to return fire. If you keep pressuring your tank-target with sustained damage, you will not make a kill, but you will make yourself noticed. Ideally, if the target does not collapse, you switch target fast)
- Re-cloaking at the right moment, if you have not drawn attention when the CD wears off.
- Knowing when to run. If I get SNB and all sorts of nasty debuffs on me, I take them and run. That's a huge waste of debuffs to the opposing team.

And for all this, you have to react and make your desicions extremely fast! Maybe even faster than your target has to react to get up his defences! If you hesitate a split second with your buffing and decloaking, you may loose your window of opportunity! If you are a split second too late to run away, you won't make it! And all the while, you know there is a Defiant cloaked, just waiting for you to drop your cloak so he can pawn you. So you have to be ready to react to the surprise alpha as well!

Flying a BoP requires faster reactions and desicions than any other ship. The margins of error are smaller than in any other ship! And this is why it's so fun and challenging to play!
I agree BoP's are unfortunately never equal to a fedscort both damage/DPS wise as in healing combined, and I think BoP's should most probably played with a highly specific build because one can make use of alot of universal stations and stuff. Its the optimal ship to make unorthodox builds.

Too bad the raptor is just as bad as the defiant or even worse in terms of boff layout and turnrate is even worse i think. Which gives the KDF side basically no awesome fighters with cloak

It could be played like a fedscort actually, requiring ofcourse some very delicate tweaking to make that happen, youve got to take your hull into account and 1 less ensign station if you try and pull that off. More hull resist could be quite attractive then to compensate for the lower hull.

I only know of a few BoP's that have a solid build though, to be completely honest 9/10 bops I see all have Jam sensors, 2x RSP, Fireworks, shockwave and they run off cloaking again.

Honestly though I think KDF needs a new Bop which has a full worthy tactical layout with 4 Tac consoles, while maintaining the battlecloak. Lets say something with a Fleet or Advanced Escort BO layout, yet to compensate for batlecloak with less hull. Also 3 aft weapons instead of 2.