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06-05-2012, 08:08 AM
Just a quick preliminary review, I started your mission last night and got to the first ground map, but I had a migraine and had to turn it off. I'll try and finish it tonight.

The Good:
Excellent map design for the most part. Very, very impressive on the second space map (I'll avoid spoilers). I'd be tempted to give you a 5-star for that map alone. I also liked what I saw of the first ground map. I enjoyed the optional inclusion of EVA suits, not near enough opportunities to use those, before I start it up tonight I'll pick up enough for my BOFFs! Also I liked the design of the ground map, it really had great continuity with the space map. It felt like I was really on the surface of the same object I saw from space. Well done there.

I also liked how the plot was not necessarily a rehash of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I'm actually a fan of that film, so I appreciate the homage.

I liked how you started off on a social map and had both talk to contact and interact, providing the info from TMP for anyone who hasn't seen it. I enjoyed interacting with S'arkee again, I used him as the start contact in one of my missions For a science lieutenant at the Academy, that guy sure gets involved in a lot of missions, maybe there's more to him than meets the eye...

The Bad:
First, you really need to do a spelling pass. I noted numerous spelling errors across all the maps I was able to test, starting with the mission title: you have not capitalized "Children."

The "cloud" in the first space map was far too bright. I know why it does that, and I know why you chose it. Unfortunately it means you lose almost all detail in the visuals. It becomes a white blob that blocks out everything else, even my ship. For instance I liked your use of the green borg portal for the entity's weapon, but I could barely see it because of the blob. I also know it will probably severely impact the performance on older computers (I know because a similar stacked-nebula effect did so on my old PC). Consider reducing the number of nebulas. Remember back to TMP, that cloud had a lot of detail to it, rather than a white blob. If you still want the white blob to block out some geometry, like those transwarp conduits (good use of those btw), you might reduce the nebulas elsewhere, but keep them stacked in strategic spots.

Also consider adding some more detail to that map outside the cloud, maybe add in some more interesting backdrops.

In your transition from the social map to your first custom map, consider adding the location to the mission subtitle that appears on the right-side objective window. I skimmed over it in the dialogue and had to go back to my communications log to find it, I'm sure I won't be the only one. If the mission subtitle read "Go to the XX System in the XX Sector Block" instead of "Encounter" I think it would be much easier for dialogue-skimmers such as myself.

A decent start, the biggest need for improvement I see is the spelling. Based on what I've seen so far, I would recommend others play this mission. I'll continue this when I'm able to play the full mission.