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06-05-2012, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by JoenATL
Also in CGE this whole "shotgun" thing. Most people do not seem to know how to do it. I ALWAYS take my MK XII maco rifle to the back corner, and I can not tell you how many times I have taken out armek while the others are dead from the fiasco of the "shotgun" method. Of course when we plan this out I tell them I will snipe from back corner they all get ****y, but then do not thank me for killing him? nope. Or those who remain dead and dont respawn to buff etc when they see one person is taking out the boss and getting close, just need a little help. This goes for Rebecca as well as armek.
There's two ways I've seen to do the shotgun method:

1) Everyone stand around in a circle with pulsewaves and hope Armek falls down before he kills the team. In my observation, it has about 50% success rate, and even when successful leaves 3 people dead. I'm not really fond of it.

2) Properly: Medic melee tank in front, with 4 players at a bit under 3 metres range standing directly behind him with pulsewaves. Directly, not slightly to the left or right, so he can't use his chain lightning. Success rate on it is pretty much 100% if the Medic tank does his/her job right. I've off days with it myself though.

Everyone lately goes for choice 1 because it's less dependent on the abilities of one person, and even if the team isn't producing a lot of damage, you'll probably luck it by the 4th attempt anyway. And since the attempts only take a minute...

I've not seen anyone fudge Rebecca (except when I was PuGging Normals for the lulz) unless the whole room is fudged and the Tac Drones kill everyone.