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06-05-2012, 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
Put on the same Level, so you want over half your content removed from the game? Significantly less ship choices and parts to make them out of?

For Example
Klingons get 2 choices for Shuttles. The Toron & the Tu'Doj. Fed gets how many? Danube, Peregrine, Delta, Yellowstone, & the new Stalker.

Yeah I left out a few. The Type 8 is a joke, the Type F and Chaffe are from a pack, the Vulcan comes with a ship Now if we Consider the Toron to equal the Danube and the two Fighters to cancel each other out. You still got three and each has an advantage. Fairness does not exist in this game. I'd settle for just being able to claim the Yellowstone Engines or a MK 2 Toron with 2 BOFF slots. As for the Stalker, there is no way I'd fly anything else in a shuttle PVP match.

Realistically and Logically an after the fact Launched Frigate will not be added to the Caitian Carrier. And if there was it would need to be a Caitian design.

And if you want a Carrier that has Frigates nothing is stopping you from going to the KDF side.
We are not talking about missions, player piloted shuttles, or random crap the KDF or FEDs might have.

We are talking about a even playing field for ships of the same exact class.
Sure variances are good, but at the same time lacking an entire TYPE of ship is different than "having less".
Klinks have more "fighters" (3 per launch) craft.
Feds have more "shuttles" (2 per launch) craft.
Feds don't have "frigates" (1 per launch) craft.

Both pre-existing carriers ingame have frigates, they are unique to carriers. FDC's CANNOT launch frigates, frigates are the "bigger" ships that only true carriers can launch. The Atrox doesn't have a frigate, yet is supposed to compete with ships that do.

This is not "oh he has more missions than me" or "oh his ships are better than mine"... Its "we don't even have this..."

BTW still waiting for fed flight deck doffs.