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06-05-2012, 11:42 AM
I'm sorry dude, seriously, I mean it with no sarcasm. I have alot to do during the day on saturdays, & it is extremely hit or miss I'd even make it. I think your Frontlines project is an excellent idea & its sad that a community member has to implement something like this on their own because the devs have let PVP stagnate for so long. Its very telling that there is a dev that comes into the forums to ask us "if these dry bones can live" when a project like this gets largely ignored. I WANT this to succeed. I don't care about EC, rewards or a seat on some council. We've all been PVPing without that anyway. I want this to succeed because it brings some meaning to STO's convoluted storyline. It gives PVP some relevance to the game. And it sets a goal to aim for. Many people may not want leaderborads & the like, but how will you know how good you really are. I'm tired of picking my targets by their fleet tags just to test myself. I want to know who the best currently are so I can blow them up ( the name of fun, don't flame me yet). The Frontlines project should be a Community Event (geez, where's Branflakes when you need him...).