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06-05-2012, 11:00 AM
The thing I love about this mission is how you didn't fall into the temptation for an overly long mission. You created a short story with a profound impact. I couldn't help but feel for 6 of 13's plight and suffering. Very few writers could make you feel the pain of a machine as well as the TMP did, and you executed it well. I could quite understand 6 of 13's desperation at the end and I did actually appreciate the solution. I won't spoil the ending, but the big lug deserved it.

I was dubious about the combat element at first, but once it was explained the logic of it fell into place. I felt drawn into helping as a result.

Visually, the ship was stunning. You created a great sense of scale with limited tools, the vessel awed me when I first came across it, the tunnel was very intimidating. The Data Banks were very reminiscent of the TMP, I felt like I was floating in Spock's space foot steps.

If you can fix the cloud a little and the odd typo, I can see this, in fact encourage this mission to be featured in the near future.

An added brownie point goes here, thank you for making this a low level mission. Normally the epics are left to high level players, as a noob I deeply appreciate it thank you.