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06-05-2012, 12:22 PM
You've got the gear for it, you should be fine DPS wise. I would recommend going to stowiki and going through the walkthroughs for elite, since things are different. But the basics are:

Infected Space - Weaken all of the relays to about 10-15%, then kill them all at once. Then DPS down the transformer before the spheres get to you.

KA Space - Kill everything but the gates, weaken both gates to about 10%, then try to kill them simultaneously.

Cure Space - Don't kill the cubes until everything else is dead. Then pop the cubes.

If you're nervous start with Infected. It's the easiest of the three, and if it gets messed up it's still possible to recover, you just lose the optional; it's not really possible to lose outright. Cure can be brutal, and it's possible to spend a lot of time there then screw up and lose the whole mission.

If you're going to PuG don't sweat the loss of an optional. If you win the optional you have a 20% chance of getting something ONLY if something good drops. Winning gives you a 100% chance of 3 items, which are often something good.

ETA: If you're flying a BoP, think about picking a Sci BO in your LtC or Comm slot and getting a grav well 1. Grav well rocks in STFs, since they all have bad guys heading towards something that shouldn't have bad guys getting near.