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06-05-2012, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by vinru821 View Post
I got killed by it.. now nerf it.

Get over it feds. How long has this thing been out and how few have cried over it? *raspberries* :-P

Get rid or your little auto turret and we get rid of our ISO charge. ( which I have bought and rarely use because to me it is a waste of a console space )
Just make both available by cash box, then. Shouldn't make a difference to you.

Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Tricobalt torpedoes need a nerf. They do entirely too much damage to the target upon detonation.
Here is an example from sonicshower's "signange"

[Combat (Self)] Your High Yield Tricobalt Explosion I deals 80811 (89518) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to Logimo.

Look at the numbers!!!! LOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!

Thank Kahless its only when somebody buffs them , times it well and gets a lucky crit, much like the Isometric Charge, PSW, BO, TBR, FBP or any other lucky, fully buffed attack from a tactical toon.

Now if players where doing this sort of damage all the time, we may have an issue.

Off topic. This discussion is about isometric.