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06-05-2012, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by bacillix
Concerning STF's:

Overall, I've done about 70-80 Cure/Infected Space STF's on normal difficulty. As I have progressed, I have upgraded all of my weapons to Mk XI [Borg] and a 2 pc Borg/2 pc KHG Mk X set.
Good start.

Originally Posted by bacillix
I've recently started parsing during the sessions to get an idea of where I sit DPS-wise. On moderate length fights, I am pushing 4-5k DPS on a good run, and just around 3k when I do stupid things or am slow to react.
Which parser are you using?

The different parsers in use currently vary widely between them; the most important part will be (eventually) to compare yourself to others.

Relative overall DPS in comparison to other similar type ships is more important than the numbers the parsers will give you.

Itís also a meaningless number if we do not know what your BOFF layout and Ship Captain are.

A Good Engineer in a well played defiant for example, is still going to be far outclassed by a Tactical Captain in a Defiant in DPS.

Is your BOFF a pure Tac focused (Commander & Lt Commander slots Tactical) ship?

Are you using a lot of AoEs or all Single Target? A single target will technically have better DPS vs. the big single targets like cubes Ė but the parser will never tell you this.

The guy with multiple AoE attacks will do less DPS against the big targets, but the parser will record him on top because of his overall output.

Originally Posted by bacillix
With all the gently carressing love I have read about noobs getting into E-STF's unprepared and the great experiences the vets have had dealing with said noobs, I don't want to be "that guy" and gently carress an Optional.
Then you want to read this thread:

Originally Posted by bacillix
I'm pretty sure my gear is good to go and my skill tree is pretty much fine tuned for what I do. I fly a BoP and use hit & run tactics, cloaking at every opportunity. I try to never stay in a fight any longer than I have to based on the cloak CD, and whether or not I have a good shot lined up with a torp spread on a down shield.
This is basically a waste of time on Elite STFs.

Cloaking can, and will get you killed. All it takes is a torpedo you didnít notice to have been fired upon you Ė or one that is fired even though you are cloaked. Itís OK for the occasional damage burst, but you are generally better off staying on target and avoiding aggro.