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06-05-2012, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by silence1311
If you really expect someone to get from a level 25 klingon to 50 and leave every weapon and item and borg bridge officers they have then you are gravely mistaken.
the amount of choosable miniships isnt important when it comes to the outfitting options of a carrier. its 2 topics. the launchables more or less are the weapon-enhancement options for carriers. having only 2/4rth of the options! (not the variations of one option ...) is not fair at all, for both sides!

i think the runabouts are a very stupid launchable at all. shutles are a transport vehicle to me ... nothing thats launched for fighting purpose. okay the deltaflyer perhaps would make a good single-ship variant, ause its rather large (to large for voy bay, as we all know ;-))

what buggs me even more, is that the advanced runabouts didnt get the new skin ... a bit of pity to me.
the most stupid thing is the ombination of abilities the fed variants have:

croniton+tractor in runabouts is a double-innecessarity. what luck, the runabouts hardly use their tractors at all ...
shielddrain+transpahsic on delta ... really: do i want to SUCK the shields off, or do i want to do dmg through them?! - the deltas also hardly use their abilities ...
same is fpr the type10: pol hull gets activated at a certain hull loss, still they get blown off in explosions ... make its eptShields or beamoverload.

nevertheless i think the shuttles are stupid.

it should be fighters (3 ships) or single-ships (per bay/per launch) frigates/escorts.

kdf already fits into this, and the fed should get peregrine and deltas for fighters and aquarius-like thing as a frigate. (quantums, 1 dual array,+ overload if its an escort or eptShields, quantum, 2 arrays + spread1 or such and a sci variant could use 1 array, 1photon, hazard + energysyphon1)

also the kdf could get some more variety in the launcheables. its a pity the ferjai is limited to the one carrier, and the bop to the other carrier. just make more variety for both factions. the game is lacking variety (within the factions). i know some want their factions be special, but i see this specialtys as a limitation. i want specialty for what ive chossen from, not by what im limited by.

for kdf i barely have ideas though, but so may come up with some ideas for additional launcheable types/variations