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06-05-2012, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by shelev
Give runabouts another beam array, FAW, and torp spread and we can talk.
Oh yeah don't forget more hull and shielding too.

The frigates (single launch hangars) get multiple BoFF abilities while most fighters (triple or single launches) get one.
Further the frigates also have more hull, more shields, and more weapons.

Frigates are an entire other "fighter type" unique to "large" carriers, of which the Atrox applies (being more or less equivalent to the VoQuv). Yet it doesn't have a frigate.
Vo'Quv isn't afforded any genuine CC abilities on its pets. The only genuine CC KDF has on its carrier pets is on the Fer'Jai Frigate which cannot be launched from the Vo'Quv. While you only have one carrier at this time, all of your pets state in the tooltip they can be launched from any, yes any, Federation carrier. Two of the ten KDF pets are restricted to a single carrier type. KDF players must also buy four C-Store ships for the ability to launch the remaining carrier type unrestricted pets from their ship.