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Originally Posted by lucianalliance View Post
Vo'Quv isn't afforded any genuine CC abilities on its pets. The only genuine CC KDF has on its carrier pets is on the Fer'Jai Frigate which cannot be launched from the Vo'Quv. While you only have one carrier at this time, all of your pets state in the tooltip they can be launched from any, yes any, Federation carrier. Two of the ten KDF pets are restricted to a single carrier type. KDF players must also buy four C-Store ships for the ability to launch the remaining carrier type unrestricted pets from their ship.
Uhm... maybe I point you to the orion ships? Particularly the interceptors?

The Orion Interceptor is the best CC fighter in the game, bar none, no questions asked.
Its launched in threes, and has a short cooldown, advanced version has chron torps (yes its more chron spam than runabouts), also has the ability to drain/offline engines AND weapons. Yup it can stack you with chron debuffs, and offline your weapons and engines, in a single fighter.

The karfi with its two unique fighters (friagte and skuls) costs 1600cp, it also comes with a built in special ability.
The voquv is FREE and comes with the unique bop hangars.
The Atrox is 2000cp, comes with a single unqiue pet, and no special abilities.

Get your voquv for free, buy a dracoit (or whatever the name fo the one with the interceptors is) and tadah, spent less than an Atrox and have better fighters and you also have flight deck officers. You also get all three different type of fighters (single, double, and triples).

So again why should the Atrox, not have access in some way to a single launch "frigate"?
Why shouldn't the Atrox be on remotely equal ground to there KDF counter parts?

The Atrox still needs fed flight deck officers which are "coming, at some point in the future", and realistically it still needs a frigate to fully compete with the other carriers (which cost less!).