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06-05-2012, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by Brigadoom
Will it be possible to choose the uniform the security/personnel officers wear? If we wanted a themed base with MACO security everywhere or something?
Unfortunately, not at launch. This kind of customization, however, is something we would very much like to see happen.

Originally Posted by KaneCabal View Post
I know this is not your deparment, but I am wondering if the whole construction of a starbase is going to be animated. For example, construction a special section of the Starbase brings out workerbees who transport material to the hull and actually mount them on the skeleton of the starbase. Will anything similar occur? I know we Trek fans are VERY interested to see how something is being constructed then having a simple image or texture there doing nothing.
It's not quite as extensive as would be ideal, but yes, there will be workerbees/shuttles on starbase exterior facilities while they are in the upgrading state.

Originally Posted by John_T_Hartman
when does this new system hit tribble or redshirt?
I do not believe an official date has been announced.

Originally Posted by bumperthumper
Integrating a possibility of future PvP base sieges?
This is something I would like to call some attention to, actually. We had really hoped to be able to include PvP starbase offenses/defenses at launch, and even though we didn't have the time to do this, the design is built to accommodate it relatively seamlessly.

We're still looking at what can be done, but we have been investigating the possibility a number of ideas such as attackers and defenders putting up Dilithium or Fleet Marks in potentially asymmetrical bets for PvP matches. For example, Fleet A knows it's worse than Fleet B, but will accept a 3:1 Dilithium or Fleet Mark bet with Fleet B in return for accepting the challenge. Offensive-only operational assets, for example, might open up an entirely new type of operational asset that could be provisioned for. Perhaps you start with a space battle and if the attackers do well enough it turns into a boarding action on the starbase interior itself.

All of this is entirely theoretical and under discussion, but I wanted to make sure people knew PvP was definitely not forgotten in this design.

Originally Posted by Protector View Post
So, is there hope for a TOS/Drozana-style starbase interior? We are a big TOS-themed fleet and I think you'd make our day with this.
Not at launch, but we would definitely like to see additional interior options and themes. Personally, I'd love to see an Orion interior.