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06-05-2012, 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by Crimsonoa View Post
Consoles as devices further buffs cruisers since they get four. Sci has three and escorts only two.
Yes, and what about people that do NOT want to use any of the p2w devices? They are forced to use them or keep the device slots empty? lol.

just limit the use of them, a global cooldown, etc.

individual effect should STILL be looked at, there is no 1 way solution for all consoles. A OP or broken console remains a broken console. (Not complaining, just stating facts)

And doesnt only go for p2w consoles, but for every aspect in this game, whether its p2w or not.

Personally, i dont really care about these consoles anymore. Use them if it makes you happy. Use them if it gives you a clear advantage over your enemy. It will be your own decision if the consoles are the factor to make you effective in PvP.

People will remember you anyway; "Hey, thats the guy or guys that use all those spammy p2w consoles chained etc, they do not poses any real skill to win they merely got their team on the winning side ever since..." and you will be remembered as such.

Others will do without them and will make hax builds/teams without resorting to any of these consoles. And im proud of them. As a Panda member I will vouch for my fleet and every one of them in it to not use any p2w console because I know we can make effective builds happen without resorting to them. And the sad fact is, some/alot of p2w makes you weaker instead of stronger.

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