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06-05-2012, 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by allen78j20 View Post
I run 2 of those in my oddy and i still lose crew. One time i was at 100 shield strength but died because all of my crew but 2 crew sillouette things were orange. That shield strength was maintained during the whole event.

Now i can run the same in my tac escort and barely lose any.
Strangely due to how this mechanic works, having a large crew is a DISADVANTAGE. Crew is regenerated by percent, the more crew you have the faster they come back. Since the less crew you have the bigger the percentage each crew member is worth. I.e. if you have 500 crew your crew will regenerate faster than a ship with 2500 because you have less to lose, and less to get back.

Very poorly implemented mechanic. :p