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06-06-2012, 01:49 AM
Originally Posted by darkemisary420
but Pvp is the way it is BECAUSE of listening to the various whines and complaints of our so esteemed holier than though PvP scene ..i am frankly ecstatic gozer has decided to take Pvp by the reigns and be hands on instead of flipping through the pvp sections various rants and whines and just nerfing something BECAUSE....and many players have agendas , they want the game to evolve around their build and what power THEY feeel they should only need and if a power turns up that makes them regret/rethink their build idea instead of respeccing into a better system they hop on here and cry until a system is nerfed into uselessness....just look at sci capatins...a derect result of PvP escort players...PEFECT example feedback pulse. YA you had to spec into it and basically cripple the rest of your powers just for it to be effective and because escort pilots couldnt 3 second pop you without dieing they cried on here to have it a matter of fact...if ANY ability effectiviliy counters the dreaded alpha strike from tactical escort players it is sure to be nerfed into uselessness....lets compare danube and siphon nerfs....siphons are still extremely op .. and renders them unable to move OR fight back as they are sitting on 0 power all across the board....and when danubes only hinder their movement NOT their ability to fight back you see hordes of klingons on here crying...when in actuallity the fighters/craft from the fed carrier are about half as effective as the fighters on the klink side

So ppl what i am getting at is i have great THANKs for gozer taking PvP by the reigns as it is dying due to PvP'er own agendas and mass rants to further break a broken system in favor of their favorite ships

I think i have said enough i hope everyone takes this at face value and dont bother trolling me becasue this will be my only post here and have a nice day
Two words: Phaser Proc. As long as Fed fighters are spamming those, they'll always be OP. I've lost count of the ammount of deaths I've had with hardened, well fortified shields just because the RNG decided my time was up. It's uncommon to even have all subsystems online against that kind of phaser spam. If you can tell us that's not OP and give a good reason for it, then I'll be very impressed.