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06-06-2012, 05:18 AM
Don't know what the heck was going on this morning!

Played three STF's, all with my second toon (who is now a RA - Lower Half, flying a Fleet Escort), meaning I had to play them on normal.

TWO failed completely - one passed (Infected). As for the failures:

Cure: was a damned mess from start to finish; everyone bar myself and someone in a Vo'quv flew off and started shooting at the (furthest right) cube - not the generator spheres - the cube. So, with the Vo'quv coving the Kang, I fly over and, as well as typing 'shoot the spheres' in the chat box, start shooting at the generator spheres, which prompts the others to do so - then left them to it and assist the Vo'quv with despatching BOP's. Anyway, cut a long story short, two Cubes were popped too early, and once the first two were popped those doing the 'popping' simply moved onto the third with no regard for the fact that the Kang was overwhelmed - the Vo'quv and myself tried our damnedest to hold off the swarms but cube three went pop and more spawns headed our way. Laughably, 'Protect the Kang!' appeared in the chat screen - the first time anyone else had said anything! Have to admit, this annoyed me bigtime and I replied "Yeah - a real shame you didn't notice sooner!" and mere seconds later the red text of fail appeared.

Khitomer: Simple one this - for some reason I wound up on Probe control solo. Yelled for assistance, but received none, so did my best but after a while I was only managing the take the first probe, of the groups of two, down and they started to slip past. Thankfully, a player in a Vor'cha noticed and assisted but once the first gate went bang, the subsequent swarm proved too much - the other players were paying no attention to anything but generators, and the last probe, whilst at 20% health, got through and I got to see the red text of fail again. Wish I'd been playing my science VA, in my MVAE - might have taken them down a little quicker

Infected - passed that one, but it took MUCH longer than it should have - though did manage to obtain a rare shield drop from it.