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06-06-2012, 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
Two words: Phaser Proc. As long as Fed fighters are spamming those, they'll always be OP. I've lost count of the ammount of deaths I've had with hardened, well fortified shields just because the RNG decided my time was up. It's uncommon to even have all subsystems online against that kind of phaser spam. If you can tell us that's not OP and give a good reason for it, then I'll be very impressed.
Let’s not turn this into a spam discussion, when we all know klinks are the king of spam (pot calling kettle black imo). Anyway, I have had many bouts of wanting to quit. Problem is that there is no other star trek ip game. I also stay because of the people who play.

I also stay because I have invested so much into this game with time and real money (LTS, just bought the collector’s edition, countless c-points). I think or hope that Cryptic is realizing that PvPers do spend real money. Problem is they lack enough items and content that appeal to a PvPer. I hope it’s not too late and Gozer throw’s that hail Mary.

Naz, I know you like SCI (I hate it with a passion). I also have nightmares of what SCI use to be like. If they had SNB in the real world vets wouldn’t need to castrate animals anymore :p I think too much cc can kill a match too. They do need a happy medium.