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06-06-2012, 05:33 AM
just today - i managed to get into 3 (THREE) PVP matches Fed.vs.Kdf in 4(FOUR) hours!!!!!!!

1 - ok balance.. could be better
2 - maps? - ok , there could be WAY more maps
3 - sets? - yes, more fancy stuff for PVP only would be nice
4 - rewards? - NONE!!!!!
i don't need 1k dillithium! why dont you give us ranks, tables, statistics, tournaments!!!???
why should people waste their time with PVP when after the match - everything is forgotten?

PVP = NO FUN cause nobody is playing it ( i mean on the FED side)
in the last 4 hours it was like


and waiting..
if they rip PVP out, this game will not longer interest me, not even with added Romulans..

Cause what shall i do with a D'deridex without PVP?
Show off my green *** in ESD? Defeat the Borg for 1024th time?

Gozer - PLS, INSTALL BLOODLINE CHAMPIONS , which is a PVP only game and has EVERYTHING a PVP fan would want.

Play it for a couple of hours, take a look at characters History, at Tournaments, 3v3 to 5v5, premade or single.. statistics for every bloodline.. and transform what you see there in a functioning system back here.

And PLS, INFORM us what you are doing and THAT you are working on it, PLSPLSPLS, we are giving up hope...

In STO, PVP could be even more fun, cause space combat IS fun and 3D, and it's TREK, and we love our ships, and and and...

To the OP - ya know, that there is no PVP in the S6 starbases doesn't really surprise much,
because the new PVP S6 matches have to work with the new system Gozer is workin' on right now (for 6 weeks? )

So be patient, give it a last chance, my predictions are:
optimistic: August 2012
pesimistic: November-December 2012
realistic: September 2012