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06-06-2012, 04:47 AM
Originally Posted by Aris
More long hair options for men and women.
Definitely need more hairdo options please! The current ones are a little tragic, short hair/ long hair; especially for male characters.

On that note, how about having style options instead of cut options and having a slider for the length, like the slider for shininess: and can we do the same for facial hair? Open up more style/ length options and open some of them to female characters? There must be species where the fashion is for clean shaven men and bearded women!

IMO, there are actually several (minor) equality issues in the character options. Maybe we could unlock everything for every character: hair/ facial hair/ stances and poses/ dress-codes/ etc. Kilts and Sarongs would definitely be a cool touch for more expressive and/or traditional males.

And why are the C store visuals options SO EXPENSIVE! I mean really, 440c for ONE uniform when all it does is change the character/Boff's appearance. Ships with special Consoles cost that!