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06-06-2012, 05:53 AM
now, I could probably run a t1 ship and do okay in a normal stf at this point, but I ran torpedo/sci in a normal stf in fully cloaked mode.

my sci layout wasn't optimal (mostly due to my cmdr boff that I use on my hegh'ta), but I even drove off nanites using tractor beam repulsors & had to hull heal frequently, so it isn't like I wasn't up close.

(I think birds of prey are good for TBR because we can set up our attack runs so quickly.)

I had chroniton mines, but they are pointless if you run TBR and gravity well for whatever passes for cc in this game.

edit: TBR has an interesting interaction with enhanced battle cloak. you drop cloak while TBR is active, and then it reengages automatically when the TBR runs out.