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06-06-2012, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers
Hi all,

Feeling somewhat disappointed to say the least. I went to great personal effort to organize a PvP-based tournament. Spent hours, no weeks trying to put together a tournament I thought would promote and attract players to PvP.

If PvP fails in the game, itís because WE let it. We would rather rant about what it isnít, or about the latest dev. blasphemy that has hit Holodeck than step-up and support someone whoís just trying to make an effort.

Itís so much easier to sit on the sideline and watch another fail at something, and then throw insults about them on a public channel, than roll-up oneís own sleeve and take the risk of failing. You never are going to know how good you really are, until you go out, and face failure.

There are numerous reasons why STO Frontlines was fighting an uphill battle. I was aware of that when I started. But in the final analysis, the diehard PvP protagonists didnít lift a finger to see something PvP-related success.

I know that I am not very popular. I tend to stand up for the little guy, but I was hoping people could be mature enough to set aside their differences for the sake of the future of PvP. Those of you that did come out and support me, "Kudu's to you and God bless."
DK, I think the reason this never took off, is because well... there's no real teams left in sto other than a very small handful, most of those teams still have very conflicting schedules, I was interested but life (unfortuantely) intervened and I couldn't seem to find a good chunk of my buddies either.

The last tournament we tried also completely fell apart, because cryptic did something incredibly stupid right in the middle of the season, and then the usual drama went on and people left in droves.

If it's any consolation to you, I can't even get a good Shuttle Wars going anymore. Which is sad, because that was really some of the most fun you could have and keep your clothes on.