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Im a BFP4F player, and have teamspeak, some of us Have Trek Online, so thought i would give it a try.

Well, it certainly needs something done to it, because, as soon as i tried to launch it, i got black screen saying resolution not supported. Thats crazy, my dell 19inch was already using the 1280x1024 recommended by my new Nividia 440GT card with updated drivers. I had to restart it from the button on the darn computer:

I use two monitors because Im A Flightsim flyer in FSX, The Dell is in the DVI socket & and the other for my instrument panel is on a VGA samsung 17inch, which is normally extended over both screens. I can not alter or take one away, but can dedicate Display 1 on the Dell, which is the primary Screen, to show desktop only on that.

I found that star trek online software completely ruined the dells & Nvidia graphic settings so bad, I got a pink screen, blurred text, The Firefox google logo was missing, it took me 3 hours to try and repair my computer,

Last resort was a System Restore before the time I Installed the P4F Trek Online. After that, most of my normal settings returned, but still, took another hour fiddling with almost all my settings which had been badly altered by this program.

I certainly wouldnt install it again, its been uninstalled, never known a MMORG program to give so much grief as this one. Shame, would have liked to play it, But not going through all that again, strange settings? It shows some text with a slider, saying push slider until you can see three lines of text. This when altered, phyisically changes the resolution and other settings, without first telling you that it will. very bad interface, espcially for newcomers to computers.

It also alters the way you see text in other programs, and most of my desktop background pictures were insanely coloured, gamma way off, oversaturated, blurred, and wrong colour!! Yuk!

What an awful .EXE this is.