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06-06-2012, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by Naldoran
Bah, you silly person Naz. Don't leave right when we have a giant block of exciting starbase content coming along; our fleet needs to quit this lame pvp stuff that we've been dabbling in and focus on our core mission of PvE content and RP. Just think of the possibilities opened up by having a starbase; we'll name it HaxStar 1 and get all our Orion toons to dance together!

Aytanhi has the right of it I think; there are laughs to be had and something worthwhile about this game and community, so you'll be back if you do take a break (I hope, would miss you Naz!). I think Deus Ex + Skyrim will be enough to keep me entertained until some of Gozer's planned pvp fixes have gotten implemented. The sad reality is that until starbases are up and running, with the first round of tweaks sorted out, that is going to be the priority for the systems team; PvP balance is going to have to wait; you aren't happy about it, and neither am I, considering that my sci/sci was my first PvP toon as you'll recall. That is the reality though. Go kill some dragons, repeat step 1, then come back. kkthxchnk.
hahahah kkthxchnk

At least someone know how to stay optimistic!!!! Starbase hax ftw im definately gonna exploit this 4 the pandazzz!!!

Go to ur stupid GW2, im sure naz will return soon enough when he gets bored of it. just another gimmick

Naz. I know u like sci, remember even before i got you into Pandas we met and you were always 1v1'ing me with ur Sci. Remember how powerful it was? I agree with Crimson. Sci is nerfed too much now. But it should never go back to pre season 4 without some good adjustment.