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06-06-2012, 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by Darkfader1988
hahahah kkthxchnk

At least someone know how to stay optimistic!!!! Starbase hax ftw im definately gonna exploit this 4 the pandazzz!!!

Go to ur stupid GW2, im sure naz will return soon enough when he gets bored of it. just another gimmick

Naz. I know u like sci, remember even before i got you into Pandas we met and you were always 1v1'ing me with ur Sci. Remember how powerful it was? I agree with Crimson. Sci is nerfed too much now. But it should never go back to pre season 4 without some good adjustment.
Let's hope there is something to return to. There's nothing more I'd love than to see this game come back to its golden age with the current entourage that is the so called systems team, it makes me cringe.

Will pop in on vent every so often to get a feel for it. Apart from that, when's GW2 due again?