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06-06-2012, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by Red_1999
I have noticed that my Odyssey handles a little worse than a Galaxy class ship. This is, so far as I can tell, due to the inertia rating (20 for the Odyssey, 25 for all versions of the Galaxy class according to in-game data), and it's a lot more annoying than it is in the Galaxy class. In short, it seems to have worse "traction."

Is there anything anyone can think of that might help with this? RCS consoles aren't going to do it, I'm pretty sure, though on something as big as an Ody they don't do a whole lot for you anyway in my experience.
For 2000 or 4000 C-Points you expect it to stop on a dime? Or turn even? Star Fleet is using the "Ford" version of inertial dampeners called the self inploding "Firestone" stop.