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06-06-2012, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by mmaavvaahh
For all new members of the community, stick by this insight. It ll make the game more enjoyable, and be better for your overall health.

So far we have Investigations into the possibility of future implementations. PvP will not get beyond this kind of transcendental speculation about the necessary conditions of possibilities. Why, because as Gozer just said: Not enough players.
Which is what Gozer is trying to fix. There not being enough players is only an explanation for why there won't be seeing starbase PvP initially; beyond that, it all depends on how Gozer's revamp works out.

Surely nobody really believed there was still any possibility of new PvP systems being introduced while PvP as a whole is in danger of being removed in its entirety? Everything PvP related depends on Gozer's changes right now.