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# 1 The Best Galaxy-X PVE build
06-06-2012, 12:54 PM
OK all so im looking for the best build for STF's and other such NON-PVP orientated combat for a tac captain in a Dreadnought Galaxy-X.

Basically when i use this thing i wana lay waste to all borg (and undine and everything else) before me. But heres the thing I would like it to be totally comprehensive by that i mean recomended weapons consoles AND most importantly the best skill setup.

Sto academy skill planner links would be appreciated

Im sure there are threads with them in but locating one that actually discusses everything im looking for is difficult. Alot of them are discussions on why its the best ship or just how people have them kitted out.

This is for a fleet mate but im no good with cruisers i fly escorts

Thanks in advance