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06-06-2012, 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by Dan_Trainor
Cue auxiliary based healers never targeting anything but friendlies and minespam in arena matrches to utilise constant DR vs everything.
"DR vs everything?" I'm not entirely sure what you mean -- or maybe you don't understand what I mean. And minespam is of severely limited utility. It's not even that useful (not merely spamming them anyway) in PvE, I have a hard time believing that would happen in PvP. Because it would be happening now.

For one, you would be discouraging coordination, which seems counter-intuitive to me.
I disagree. If you have to leverage your assets by figuring out which person on your team is the best counter for a specific opponent on the opposite team, that's a fair bit of coordination right there. What this discourages is one specific type of coordination, 5-to-1 targeting. And it doesn't prevent people from doing it still, it just means they need to take on a weakness to engage in the behavior. 5-to-1 gangups are less about strategy and real coordination, and more about trigger finger and DPS. It's four people doing "attack his target" while targeted on the team leader.

For another, for any such damage reduction boost to be signifigant enough as to be an effective deterrant to a second or third or fourth person focusing on you it would need to be very big indeed (otherwise it would make no difference whatsoever), which would only worsen the problem I stated above.
Worsen which problem, exactly?

Can you FAW without a target? Any cruiser could than just wallow around fawing and not actually targeting anything (or chosing targets based upon whomever is not shooting at them)
Nobody is going to be taking down opponents with FAW. Because if that were possible... again... everyone would have it in PvP now.