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06-06-2012, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by Pi-3Orionis
"DR vs everything?" I'm not entirely sure what you mean -- or maybe you don't understand what I mean. And minespam is of severely limited utility. It's not even that useful (not merely spamming them anyway) in PvE, I have a hard time believing that would happen in PvP. Because it would be happening now.
I disagree. If you have to leverage your assets by figuring out which person on your team is the best counter for a specific opponent on the opposite team, that's a fair bit of coordination right there. What this discourages is one specific type of coordination, 5-to-1 targeting. And it doesn't prevent people from doing it still, it just means they need to take on a weakness to engage in the behavior.
Nobody is going to be taking down opponents with FAW. Because if that were possible... again... everyone would have it in PvP now.
What I mean is, you could have a healer ship not targeting any specific enemy, thereby acquiring your defensive buff to anybody shooting at them, by virtue of the healer not targeting anybody that might be shooting at them.
The point is nothing to do with the usefulness of minespam.
Fair point about the different types of coordiantion, but the mast basic form of teamwork is focus fire, easily transmitted to pug's via a simple keybind. Without that, you're going to hav people floating aroun for 10 mins at the start of each match deciding who is going to be dueling whom in this 5 vs 5, team match. Like I said, totally counter-intuitive.
The point about FAW is not to do with it's effectivity, that is besides the point. Cruisers fo bruiser type dps, they kill very little in pvp by virtue of their own dps. The point is about them not specifically targeting anybody (or chosing target on the basis of that target shooting somebody other than self) to gain defensive buffs vs anybody trying to shoot at them.