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06-06-2012, 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by Alexin_Cobra View Post
Maybe it doesn't happen to you, because you don't play anybody worth fighting, or you don't really grind much on Elite STF's. Maybe you don't like looking at the details of whats going on. I pay attention to player behavior and NPC behavior. NPC's have the same buffs players have and some, especially the Borg, having many powers that players can't get. Some powers are not even used right according to the movies and shows. For instance, in the game the Borg can beam onboard your ship with your shields still up. That wasn't possible in the show or the movies. The shield had to be down before they could beam any drones aboard. In the show, anti-matter spread had confused the Borg cube but in the game, it has zero affect on the cube. Those are just examples of things that are irregular to canon Star Trek. Borg NPC's are not the only NPC's that are fast redistributing their shields. Even the weakest Klingon ship in Scout Force, redistribute shields very fast. Look at how the other shield faces drain fast as the NPC keeps the face you are attacking up. The player, however, have to use buffs that have long cooldown rates to do this properly and it doesn't fill in the missing face more than 10-20% depending on what level of EPS you are using. You can try to stack redistution on top of EPS or RSP to get better results but when those powers are in cool down, you have to rely on slow redsitrbution rate, and hope you don't get one shot killed by a cube/assimilated Negh'Var, or hit by a torpedo spread from regular NPC Negh'Vars.
I pay close attention to behavior and scripting and find yours laughable. What you went on to describe is called gameplay. PVE is scripted. Learn to play and improve. So many kids these days demand loot handed to them because they are unwilling to earn it. /picardfacepalm