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Originally Posted by gt86 View Post
Here's my heavy Cruiser retrofit so far. It's not perfect and willing to take any advice I can get. But so far I doing pretty well in STf's I usually the highest Dps ship in each Stf or atleast second even out dpsing some escorts.

I am running this upfront

3 Rare Mk X Disruptor Beam Array's
1 Very rare Mk X Photon Torpedo ( does less burst Damage than Quantums but out Dps's it )

In the Back
4 Rare Mk X Disruptor Beam Arrays

Aegis Deflector

Borg engine

MK X Maco Shield

Eng Consoles
2 Rare Mk X RCS Accelerators
2 Uncommon Mk X Neutronium Alloy's

Sci Consoles
Rare Mk X Shield Emitter Amp
Rare Mk XI Bio Function Moniter

Tactical Consoles
2 Rare Mk X Disruptor Induction Coils
1 Rare Mk XI Photon Detonation Assembly
Some things you may want to do:

On your BOffs, ditch Engineering Team entirely (or at least one of them). You'll want 2x EPtW and you will want to keep it active at all times, especially with that many beam arrays, since they drain weapon power fast. You've already got two other hull heals in Aux to SIF III and HE II. The hull heals should be there for emergency only, since you're neither tanking nor healing. When you _do_ end up having to tank something, you'll shield tank it anyway.

What I would suggest for BOff layout:

Ensign Eng:
Lt. Eng:
EPtW1, EPtS2
Comm Eng:
There's Multiple choices here
EPtS1/ET1, Aux2ID1/EPtS2/DEM1/Aux2Bat1 (with Technician DOffs), Aux2ID2/DEM2/EWP1/BP2, Aux2SIF3
Lt. Science:
Leave as is, TSS1 and HE2 is perfect.
Lt. Comm Tac:
TT1, BFaW2, APO1 (get 2x purple Conn Officer DOffs that lower the cooldown on Tactical Team).

You want to cycle EPtW/EPtS/EPtW/EPtS (in that order, one every 15 seconds), this gives you a constant bonus to both weapon power and shield power, as well as a constant shield damage resistance bonus. TSS is for a panic if your shields ever get low, the Aux2SIF3 and HE2 are for those odd times when something does either manage to down one of your shield facings (doesn't happen often when running EPtS constantly and TT every 15 seconds), or for when you get hit by plasma torpedoes where the DoT damage bypasses shields.

Attack Pattern Omega is an absolute must have for any ship that has a tactical bridge officer slot that can use it. It's just too useful in too many ways to pass it up. Get it, use it, love it. You're also lacking an ability to make you tractor beam immune, and it makes way more sense to put in APO1 instead of replacing either TSS1 or HE2 with Polarize Hull.

Since you already have the borg engine and MACO shield, I would suggest replacing the Aegis Deflector with the MACO Deflector. You will also want to get the Borg console. This will give you the two piece set bonuses for both the Borg and MACO sets.

Console choices:

Engineering: Ditch the RCS consoles (turn rate is less important with a beam boat). 3x Neutronium Alloy and either an EPS Flow Regulator or Borg Console is what I would suggest. APO and Evasive Maneuvers is all you need for bonus turning rate in a heavy cruiser retrofit beam boat. Since you're a tac captain, you also have Attack Pattern Alpha. All 3 of them are on separate cooldowns too. Another useful (and often overlooked) console for this ship (any ship with large crews) is the Emergency Force Fields console for the crew death/disable resistance. I usually keep one in my inventory at all times and use them situationally.

Science: replace the Shield Emitter Amplifier with a Field Generator, either replace the Bio Function Monitor for the Borg console, or leave it if you put the borg console in an engineering slot. Regen is much less important over total shield strength in STFs.

Tactical: replace the torpedo console with a third Disruptor Induction Coil. Borg console would go here if you were tanking.

Torpedoes are an afterthought on a beam boat build. Usually it is good to have one fore/aft for the rare times when something passes through those arcs, and because without a Plasmonic Leech Console (KDF Side only), it's hard to keep more than 6 beam arrays firing at once from draining your weapon power too far (where having 7 or 8 beams end up putting out less DPS than just 6 beams). Hargh'peng torpedoes are actually a solid choice, because you will not have either Torpedo Spread or Torpedo High Yield for Tactical abilities. The Breen Cluster Torpedo launcher is also a solid choice. Quantums otherwise, because the idea with this kind of build is to NOT have something in either your forward or rearward firing arcs if possible. You want to broadside and stay broadside. Certain large targets (like the gateways in KA/Inf )you can manage to keep all beams as well as a torpedo on target at the same time, but most of the time you'll be firing beams only. When something passes through your torpedo arcs, you want something that is gonna hit hard in one torpedo. You're not relying on your torpedo launcher to put out sustained DPS, it's for bursting it in single shots when something passes through your torpedo arcs.

If you really want to go escort thinking with your build, I would suggest ditching the beam arrays all the way around and go with either cannons/turrets or dual beam banks/turrets. The weapons layout for your ship right now is a beam boat, which is a very different animal.

My own Tactical officer in a Heavy Cruiser Retrofit uses a beam boat build like this (6x disruptor beam arrays, breen cluster rear, quantum font). My engineering officer also in a Heavy Cruiser Retrofit uses a somewhat different cannon/turret build for tanking/DPS. Main differences in BOff abilities being CRF1 instead of BFaW2, EPtAux instead of EPtW, ET1 instead of EPtS1, a second EPtS2.