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06-06-2012, 02:48 PM
Been gone a very long time. I just returned recently. When I left DHC's were the kings of the battlefied. Now I am reading about torp boats. Before you laugh at my noobishness, please entain my request for a bit of background regarding this weapon arrangement.

When I left Torps shared the same activation cooldown not the same recycle cool down so you had a better DPS boost for using 2 slow recycilng torps vs 2 fast firing Photon torps. Does that still hold true?

The Har'Peng(sp) torps seems to be mounted on the aft on most builds? Why? I got the weapon from a mission and it's beastly. What is the rationale for having it on a Aft Weapons bay?

I Currently use the Tactical Escort Retro fit but will pick up the MVA Escort soon.