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06-06-2012, 03:40 PM
I am glad that I opened this thread and found at least a couple posts pointing out that a hull fit for travel in a vacuum is not the same as a hull designed for travel under pressure while submerged.

There is evidence to show even a large ship can fly in an atmosphere, though. Clearly shuttles, runabouts, and fighters can. The Intrepid can -- it even landed -- without issue, and apparently the Galaxy can (it landed, too, but, eh.. haha, not quite by choice). So maybe if the shields were rigged to create a pocket of air around the ship to let it "fly" through the water, perhaps that would work.

But realistically I personally think it would be stupid for any large ship to operate anywhere within the atmosphere.

Also I take anything done in Voyager with a grain of salt, as that show kind of bugs me with BS (though to be fair most what bugs me is Janeway's fault).