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06-06-2012, 05:44 PM
If you've never flown Cruisers before, I'd recommend saving up the 120k dilithium and getting an Assault Cruiser before committing $25 to a ship you might not even like. The Assault Cruiser is a touch more nimble than the Odyssey and has slightly less hull and shields and one less Science console than the Tactical Odyssey (until they fix crew scaling and large-crew death rates, the crew size really doesn't matter), and you can't reconfigure the bridge officers in the Assault Cruiser like you can with the Odyssey. Cruiser play is very different from Escort play, dealing mostly with multiple-beam broadsides and unparalleled tanking ability.

...Then again, I don't remember if Tribble or Redshirt still have that console in Earth Spacedock where you can claim a free Ody for a test drive.