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06-06-2012, 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by corsair114 View Post
Thanks for the link. I figured it was a longshot hope that PVP be tied into starbases at launch, what with Gozer just starting up his pvp-revampedness project and the Fleet starbases so recently revealed.

It's good to know it's in the cards, though, as it should be.

However... Be careful what you wish for.

I see the discontent with 'spam' and pets in PVP at current, and can only imagine that what with automated defense systems implemented for the PVE Defense of starbases and the Fleet crafted shps... That this pet or AI controlled ship deal will follow into the PVP aspect of Fleet Starbases.

Not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, no one wants their starbase left completely undefended to be sacked when they're fast asleep. And I'm not sure how you'd mix Automated Defenses and Fleet Crafted AI Controlled ships in a situation where a Fleet that is itself going to defend a starbase, but I feel this type of scenario is something that should be closely looked at. (before implemented)