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06-06-2012, 07:18 PM
Originally Posted by captainowen1
Hmmmm.... I can't really save DL cause of fleet items and stuff... And I don't have a Tribble/Redshirt account, so I couldn't try it. Let me check STOWiki for a sec to see the differences.
You can get on Tribble and Redshirt for free. Just go to the main website, then from the Support tab, select "Public Test." After you opt-in to testing, you can download Tribble and/or Redshirt and copy a character over.
Originally Posted by captainowen1
I checked out the pages... Seems like the Retro is the better choice except one less aft weapon...
That's normal. T5 Cruisers have 4/4 weapon loadouts, Escorts have 4/3. If you look at the Fleet Escort (or Advanced, whichever it is you're flying), the big difference with the Defiant Retro is its bridge officer layout, though it does gain the cloak console and a slight turning bonus.

Personally, I'm perfectly fine sticking with the Fleet Escort for my Tac, since the change is that minor.