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Originally Posted by captainowen1
I checked out the pages... Seems like the Retro is the better choice except one less aft weapon...
You have to remember that Cruisers and Escorts are very different in tactics and capabilities. While it may seem like the Retro has one less weapon, that isn't actually true. The reason Cruisers have 4 weapons forward and 4 aft is because they cannot turn to face an enemy (except another cruiser), and so need the extra weapon aft merely to have a minimum of firepower on an enemy. An Escort, by comparison, can bring its forward weapons to bear much easier, much more often, and will spend most of the battle with the enemy in its forward arcs. The 3 weapons aft are quite sufficient for keeping an enemy under fire while the ship turns, and for things like mines.

Specific to your question though...the Odyssey is about the most un-manueverable ship in Starfleet, so be aware you will be mostly be flying in very, very wide and slow turns in combat, with every other ship running circles around you. The strength of the class is in flexibility in BOFFs (able to switch to different BOFF layouts for different missions), strong shields and hull, and the short-duration, high-damage Aquarius escort. Also a custom bridge. The downside is that you have to sacrifice significant Engineering ability in order to use any of your Tactical BOFFs beyond a LT. ability, and the aforementioned extremely low speed and turning rate.

The Defiant Retrofit's strengths are its ease of manuevering, allowing the forward weapons to be used more often and to control the battle better, the Cloak (which gives a bonus to your first attack as well as the option to stealth), and the ability to use Dual Heavy Cannon (important advantage this!). Also, this ship offers more Tactical BOFF abilities and more Tactical console slots. The downside is the lower Hull points and few Engineering abilities (though the three Engineering console slots do allow for toughening the ship somewhat). Also, you will pay 400 c-points less, which you may want to use for other things.

And, I would not buy the Assault Cruiser to see how you would like the Odyssey. Instead, get the Exploration Cruiser (Galaxy class) if you want to experience what driving an Odyssey is like. True, it has one less aft weapon, but I believe the manuevering is what you will have the most trouble adjusting to, and the Exploration cruiser both mimics the Odyssey better and costs less.

Ultimately, fly what you want to fly. However, I would advise you to only get the Odyssey if you know you will be able to accept its flight characteristics and limitations.