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06-06-2012, 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
Your right, I don't know your tactics but I can find three threads by you on the front page asking the game to be changed rather than you not flying into the big death cloud of Theta Radiation or you complaining about Klingons having a special Subspace Jump ability that hasn't been put in a lock box yet. And let's not forget your dislike of abilities like Ramming Speed, Abandon Ship or Escorts out DPSing cruisers.

And far be it from me to tell you the expert with two years experience under his belt that Tac Team is a weapons buff, sure it's not as direct or damage increasing as Torpedo Spread or Cannon Rapid Fire, but it does increase all weapons damage, removes boarding parties and helps with the shields. It's almost like it's a general purpose tactical buff. And while I only have three Tactical powers on my Sovereign I still find room for Tac Team as it helps so very much with all combat operations of the ship.

Tactical Team 1
Removes hostile boarding parties over 10 sec
Removes tactical debuffs over 10 sec
+18 Starship Energy Weapons Training for 10 sec
+18 Starship Projectile Weapons Training for 10 sec
Distributes shield strength to shields receiving damage for 10 sec

Now yes there are bugs in the game, and these bugs need to be fixed but the shield redistribution is not one of them, as far as I can tell it's working as intended. Judging by the fact that people seem to be suggesting you try other things and aren't saying hell yeah right on dude, than perhaps the problem isn't the game but you.

Can you show me an example of even one person agreeing with you?

My Sovereign may have some hairy moments on an Elite STF Tac Cubes if the fight goes on too long but generally unless I screw up I survive the fight with ranks in threat control and the loving devotion to my demise that only the Borg can bring. I have not found an issue with Shield Redistribution since I rebound it to my mouse. And before that I didn't have an issue but I was much slower doing it.

I do have a question for you but, do you use total redistribution to all faces or do you just use one facing? I find one facing to be much faster than all.
Note: I am flying a Galaxy, I have Tac team 1 and RSP 2, it doesn't do much for me when they are in cool down, do they? If all my BOFFS are in cool down while will be when playing Elite STFs or playing a high DPS players, I am just stuck with redistibuting the shields, manually. I find that the player's shield distribution is slower than the NPC's. Thats the flaw I'm talking about, whether its a bug or by design. The NPC's have exact same buffs players have and more. I just wish they would speed up the players shield redistibution rate to match the NPC's. You don't have to agree with me. I am not a follower so don't expect me to change my mind because a group of people disagree with me. I wrote this thread to catch the eye of a DEV who might look at my claim and check it out. I'm not talking about Buffs, BOFFs, DOFFsn or any other power. I was quit specific on what I wanted to look into. If he thinks my claim is valid, not by grand standing and trying to argue on the forum for sake of trying to sound witty, but to actually look at the progam and see the differences I'm talking about with the NPC shield redistibution and the players.