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06-06-2012, 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by lucianalliance View Post
I pay close attention to behavior and scripting and find yours laughable. What you went on to describe is called gameplay. PVE is scripted. Learn to play and improve. So many kids these days demand loot handed to them because they are unwilling to earn it. /picardfacepalm
First of all find you laughable because I try to be specific with you and yet you want to assume that you are bigger, older and wiser than other people. Don't assume stuff. If you don't like my Idea, too bad. I didn't force you to say anything. I come to think, you spend more time in the forums criticizing people for their ideas than you do playing the game. I see you many times other forums, cutting people down, trash talking because you don't like their opinion or idea. Now, I know why a lot of players hate the forums because old hawks are waiting to chew up anybody that comes up with unique ideas. I'm not here to please you,or talk about how smart you think you are.

I'm here to talk about shield redistibution rate, not BOFF powers, DOFF powers, or buffs. If you have nothing else to say about this subject alone then, you have nothing to say to me.