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06-06-2012, 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by theirresponsible
The ship turns just fine the planets just need to yield the right of way. If you want it to turn better learn to use your abilities, change the power settings, adjust your throttle, add DCS consoles. Very few ships in the game can be pointing one direction and traveling in another, power slide.

Aux to Inernal,
Emergency to engines,
Droping the throttle from full to reverse,

and you can get an impressive turn rate for the ship.

My issues with the ship is the 4 bridge officer slots instead of 5 associated with VA ships, the price point for the this and its compairable power. It is compaired to the Vo'Que(4 bridge officer slots) a free tier 5 ship but the Atrox(4 bridge officer slots) is a Tier 5.5 ship. It also costs 400 C-store points more than the K.D.F. tier 5.5 Battle Carrier that has 5 bridge officer slots.

I did purchase the ship when it came out had I realised it was a tier 5.5 ship what had 4 bridge officer slots instead of the 5 normal associated with tier 5.5 ships I probably would have reconsiddered.

It has a better boff layout then most VA ships. Instead of an ensign you get an extra Lt Com. That's a 2 step promotion on the rank of power you can use.

I'd rather a Lt. Com sci then a Lt. Sci and an Ensign sci!