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Originally Posted by Alexin_Cobra View Post
Note: I am flying a Galaxy, I have Tac team 1 and RSP 2, it doesn't do much for me when they are in cool down, do they? If all my BOFFS are in cool down while will be when playing Elite STFs or playing a high DPS players, I am just stuck with redistibuting the shields, manually. I find that the player's shield distribution is slower than the NPC's. Thats the flaw I'm talking about, whether its a bug or by design. The NPC's have exact same buffs players have and more. I just wish they would speed up the players shield redistibution rate to match the NPC's. You don't have to agree with me. I am not a follower so don't expect me to change my mind because a group of people disagree with me. I wrote this thread to catch the eye of a DEV who might look at my claim and check it out. I'm not talking about Buffs, BOFFs, DOFFsn or any other power. I was quit specific on what I wanted to look into. If he thinks my claim is valid, not by grand standing and trying to argue on the forum for sake of trying to sound witty, but to actually look at the progam and see the differences I'm talking about with the NPC shield redistibution and the players.
You do know in cruisers you can use certain Engineering abilities and duty officers to chop down your boff power recharge rate right?

For instance my CRF1 effective cooldown is only 10 seconds.

1. Activate TT1 and CRF1, Battlestar Galactica visuals ensue (30s CD starts)
2. Wait until the cannons have fully discharged rapid fire (20s left on CD)
2. Activate Auxiliary Power to Battery + 3 (very expensive) Technicians = boff recharge time reduced by 30%
3. 9 seconds are shaved off CRF1 and TT recharge leaving you with an effective TT and cannon rapid fire recharge time of 11 seconds.

Now, not a lot of people use Aux2Batt, Technicians and cannon builds, but once you know how Aux2Batt works you can almost constantly maintain close to 1200DPS from each forward cannon. It also helps -all- bridge officer skills not on a forced cooldown, so your RSP and your EPTS3 will likewise be helped significantly keeping at least one shield recharge power on standby at all times.

Now, this Galaxy R build of mine is not foolproof, it has a limited combat duration because of the confusing boff power layout - but with good use of high speed and switching between cannon, beam and torpedo attack angles you can both rotate through shield facings and stay far from dangerous opponents at will. Having spent some time flying Klingon Birds of Prey, the same doctrine of staying fast and hitting hard can be applied to almost any ship in PvE, because PvE enemies are predictable and somewhat slow compared to what the player ship can do with >80 engine power, evasive, Aux2Dampers and batteries. If you don't like getting hit, stay fast.

While I do agree with other posters commenting that battle management is about knowing how to use your bridge officer powers well, sometimes you too have to be alert and be proactive in your flight controls. All the ship deaths in STFs are due to pilots sitting stationary in front of enemies with heavy torpedoes and do not proactively use their defensive abilities to keep their shields up. Ditto for those who fly beam escorts or beam Intrepids and circle a Borg Sphere at 1km range. Torpedo fires, they die, they whine on team chat that "they have no chance against the Borg".

Thing is, it's not the ship or the Borg at fault, it's because no one told the aforesaid pilot that beam arrays are long range weapons and it makes no sense to use an Intrepid as an assault cruiser.

Do you know Emergency Power to Shields III gives a 30% damage resistance to shields? Combined with the additional 30% effective plasma resistance from a MACO shield, that's 60% total damage resistance.

As a point of encouragement, this build with Aux2Batt and Technicians works great on Cure Space Elite despite being the worst C-store cruiser in existence - it's fast, it hits hard and it has plenty of shield regenerative abilities on standby. Also the Tactical Team can be almost permanently spammed due to a rare Conn Officer shaving the recharge rate by 6 seconds + Aux2Batt 9 seconds = 15 seconds actual recharge time. This ship's shield reserve is huge, so EPTS3 and Tactical Team for regeneration and RSP1 for emergency recharge under fire is perfectly adequate even when dealing with ****ed off Assimilated Negh'vars (kudos to @Dknight1000 for some great pointers in the Gunship thread.)

So in this case, yes, cruisers have very few tactical options, but it can be made so that you can spam said option 24/7.

As @drunkenguyver also pointed out, I have a Shield Distribution Officer to recharge shields with Brace for Impact, and that's a lot of shield regenerative ability.