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06-07-2012, 01:50 AM
The Atrox is just fine if you go full out on science power drain, and crowd control. It's not a cruiser, and it is definitely not an escort. If you are thinking of it in terms of weapon damage... even your fighters, runabouts, and shuttles weapon damage... you're missing out.

The Atrox's science powers are huge in STFs. At the point when probes spawn in Infected Space Elite, I am stopping the probes and spheres with gravity well. When that fades, I ram forward with tractor Beam Repulsors, and Photonic Shockwave. Then after we mop them up, I tame the gate, then the Tac Cube with Tyke's Rift, Power Siphon, and my Stalkers, and Peregrines have their way. In the meantime, I am further draining power with my Polaron beams.

In KA Elite, a single Atrox is going manage the probes on one side just fine. When the end battle comes, I go with all Stalkers to keep Donatra's aux shut down as much as possible. Then she can't cloak as often... if at all.

It's all about having power over the powerful, and with a bit of thought and work, the Atrox is amazing! At least until the next nerf.