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06-07-2012, 02:36 AM
Originally Posted by Naldoran
Gozer's latest pvp update has some juicy stuff about performance-based rewards, which I very much look forward to once they are implemented. However, I have the feeling that such tech will most likely not be ready for Season 6 and the launch of starbases.

I think that a lot of good could be done for pvp involvement if an appropriate number of fleet marks were added to the daily & repeatable PvP wrapper missions. This could also result in the queues being flooded with newbies getting pitted against experienced players long before they're ready and whatever plans Gozer may have to ensure that PvP is accessible to new players are implemented, turning these players off of pvp possibly.

Still, anything that gets pvp numbers up has to be worth at least considering I think.
Fleet Marks for PVP missions - I like the idea. A good start to pvp having a role in fleet space until they get a chance link the 2 things properly.

I do worry about the idea of adding pvp leaderboards that gozer talked about though. One of the biggest problems with pvp at the moment is people leaving when they are loosing (I see whole teams drop out at least once a day because of this), this will just make that a lot worse. PVP should be for fun, not a badge of eliteness.

Performance based rewards - very mixed feelings. Seems to me completely unfair to newer players wanting to PVP (you know, the ones that have not had 2 years to grind all the best equipment and doffs - I for one never plan to run enough stf's for maco, etc equipment, the missions are too repetitive and boring and I should not have to to be viable in pvp). This is a dangerous route that will probably end up killing pvp.