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06-07-2012, 02:45 AM
With the Chin'toka (Phase 3) passing Elite Cure space trials with flying colors, the Bajoran Defence Ministry is setting its eyes on purchasing more Starfleet hulks for retrofit and recommissioning.

With the Chin'toka's Captain commenting favourably on the Galaxy class's size and power, which was far superior to any converted star-liner or Q-ship, she felt there was a need for scientific space control abilities in the event the vessel was called to perform the task force command role (as is typically my G-R's role in PUG STFs.)

We know that Starfleet constructed a number of Odyssey-class prototypes back in February 2409 and with the Odyssey II mission-adaptive variant entering mass production, many prototype testbeds were relegated to second-line duties or deactivated.

Such a larger "space control" cruiser would benefit Bajor's interstellar status as a provider of strategic security in the Alpha Quadrant, and also be useful for supporting Starfleet's colonial efforts in this sector.

Ha'dara Anchorage Yards is now contacting Starfleet ASDB for information regarding deactivated Odyssey Prototype hulls. It is currently not known if Starfleet is willing to provide the names and identities of their still-classified pre-production testbeds, but seeing no operational reason to keep the Odyssey class a secret now that the class has been rushed to serial production and active deployment, there's no harm to ask.

Which ship (name) should I use?