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06-07-2012, 06:17 AM
Originally Posted by beezle23
They stretch back and forth repeatedly.

Other possible bug if they're not going stretchy -- is they start popping in and out at random and aren't targetable.

The "sort of workaround" for either of these issues is to switch instances, I say "sort of" because any instance you switch to after your initial zone-in the borg will be level 0 (but at least not stretchy/hoppy).

Ker'rat is buggy -- do a forum search, it's been buggy a very, very long time.
Yeah, I've seen both of those, but they were never so bad that I couldn't even see to move around like they were this time around.

They also get stuck in the Borg Decryption nodes and you can't target them, but they can shoot you...until you run away and they start chasing (if they aren't stuck in the node...some do get stuck.).

So there's no way to fix the stretchy stuff by altering graphics?