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06-07-2012, 06:35 AM
Atrox BOFF stations are very good, Lt.Commander skill instead Ensign skill, it just must be better.

Don't forget to give detail look on what each option for controling fighters is doing. For example Intercept mode is pretty effective when u need to defend from enemies which use slow but devastating weapons. Escort is good in situations where team is split. etc.

As a carrier and science vessel it has many roles.

Also someone said that there are no Flight Deck Officers for Fed which is not true. There r 2 altough 15M+ EC.

One more thing, 2x6 hangar fighters , 3 fighters from device & 3 ships from Photonic fleet. U are never alone in space and u can feel like an real admiral Oh yes, if u drop below 50% u can have one more full ship from fleet support